What We Do

We use our expertise, operational efficiency and unique vertical integration to deliver customized animal, people and plant nutrition resources. We enable our customers' success through a focus on innovation, performance and relationships.


We have a diverse offering of soil amendments, planting seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and other specialty products to help farmers maximize their investments year after year. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers the right solutions at the right time. Your success is our success.


Our trucking, rail and merchandising support services open the door to creative solutions for our customers that wouldn't be possible without our integrated approach.

Commercial Animal Feed

Dairy, broiler, layer, hog and cattle feeds with more than 1,700 active formulas on the market. Products include textured and pelleted feeds, extruded feeds, base mineral mixes, flaked grain and commodities.

Retail / Lifestyle Feed

O.H Kruse has a passion for healthy animals and quality feeds. Our team of industry professionals develops some of the most innovative and nutritional feeds on the market today. We have an extensive product portfolio that is distributed through our trusted retailers. O.H. Kruse is also considered by many to be a premier co-manufacturer for several national brands. We offer private label programs and have co-manufacturing capabilities to help our customers optimize their supply chain.


We are relentless when it comes doing right by our customers. We do what we say, when we say we will do it every time. We expect great things out of ourselves and want to partner with businesses that see opportunity in our innovation and performance capabilities and want to work together to achieve success.